Dear Manolo, Kate and Caroline,

On this page we made an overview for you of all the applicants.
The one on top was the one who contacted and filled in the form first etc.

Can you have a look at the applications? We would like to hear your suggestions?
Would this be possible this week? All the applicants are eager to know if they are selected or not. 

(Some people applied with 2 horses.)

If you have any questions or something isn't working please let us know ofcourse.

Best Wishes Marlene and Jacqueline

Rider:Niek Elings

applicationform_MMCN19 Jan-Nico Elings.pdf applicationform_MMCN19 Jan-Nico Elings.pdf
Grootte : 235,784 Kb
Type : pdf
Our opinion

Niek is very enthusiastic. Already in Februari he contacted us, if Manolo was comming to the NL this year. He was one of the first who mailed us to participate and he was the first who replied the form and film.
Niek attended the clinic in Belgium 2016.
We think it’s good to have a male rider in the clinic.

Rider:Daisy Beisenherz

applicationform_MMCN19 Daisy Beisenherz.pdf applicationform_MMCN19 Daisy Beisenherz.pdf
Grootte : 1517,792 Kb
Type : pdf
Our opinion

We dont know (or found on the interenet) a lot about her. 
She trains with a nice trainer in Holland (Noor Tanger)

Rider:Mirjam Riecker

Mirjam and Mr Charming Nielsbogaard

the applicationform is for both horses! 
applicationform_MMCN19[9837]_Mirjam Riecker.pdf applicationform_MMCN19[9837]_Mirjam Riecker.pdf
Grootte : 1548,409 Kb
Type : pdf
Our Opinion

Mirjam is one of the bar ladies at the clinic accomodation Nimmerdor. Last year she was working in the bar during the clinic and got really excited! She was very impressed and touched by heart by the way Manolo works and what he achieved during the clinic. She already told us then she wanted to ride in the next clinic.

She has 2 horses: a young stallion and a mare. She seems a very nice and open minded lady. We think she is in for a big transformation.

We think a lot of people in her network will become interested in Manolo’s work and vision.

Mirjam and Meise Fuglebjerg


Rider:Rigerda Jongkind

applicationform_MMCN19_rigerda-manolo_2.pdf applicationform_MMCN19_rigerda-manolo_2.pdf
Grootte : 1306,078 Kb
Type : pdf
Our opinion

We don't know her personaly. And coudn't find anything on the interenet.

Rider:Wendy Wiering-van de Bosch

applicationform_MMCN19_Wendy_Wiering.pdf applicationform_MMCN19_Wendy_Wiering.pdf
Grootte : 241,563 Kb
Type : pdf
Our Opinion

We know Wendy through the rehab course from Karin Leibbrandt.

Wendy was very interessted in riding in the 2018 clinic, but just gave birth to her daugther just before the clinic.

She is a very activ rider in various disciplines, is really eager to learn and wants to do it wel and in a positiv way. She learned a lot over the last years and changed her approach from a regular competition rider to more sensitive and aware rider.

Rider:Jente Driesen

applicationform_MMCN19 Jente Driesen.pdf applicationform_MMCN19 Jente Driesen.pdf
Grootte : 242,541 Kb
Type : pdf
Our Opinion

Jente contacted us before we lounched the clinic of 2019. She was very interested in participating the clinic of 2019.

Jente is a trainer and a horse food (herbs) specialist. (Marlene’s horse is doing well on her herbal mixes) Jente has a large network of horse professionals  where she is part of. Marlene knows Jente since 2014.

Rider:Taru Haapaniemi

Our opinion

We don't know her personaly. 
We found on the interenet she is from Belgium born in Finland.
She is a centred rider instructor

Rider:Karin van der Top

Karin_vander_Top_applicationform_MMCN19.pdf Karin_vander_Top_applicationform_MMCN19.pdf
Grootte : 252,483 Kb
Type : pdf
Our opinion

Attending this clinic as a rider, will be a (surprice)present from her husband. Karin’s daughter filled in the application form.

We don't know Karin personally. And coudn't find a lot on interenet.

Karin is also training with Noor Tanger. 

Rider:Anouk Wiertz

Anouk and Peach

ApplicationformMMCN19_Anouk_Wiertz_Peach.pdf ApplicationformMMCN19_Anouk_Wiertz_Peach.pdf
Grootte : 124,01 Kb
Type : pdf
Our opinion

Anouk is a vet and has her own trainingcompany 
Archie is one of Jente’s horses(see above). Anouk trains Jentes horses when Jente is away.

She attended the clinic in Belgium 2016.

Anouk and Archie

Applicationform_MMCN19_Anouk_Wiertz_Archie.pdf Applicationform_MMCN19_Anouk_Wiertz_Archie.pdf
Grootte : 126,07 Kb
Type : pdf

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